Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do I agree with Anna???????

If anyone will be hated by the middle class intelligentia today more than any thing thinkable is someone who does not agree with Anna. You are either with him or against the nation….Slightest hint of disagreement to any Annaism will make you a deshdrohi and some who is corrupt to the core..Even my wife gives me those looks “you are not the same anymore” & You have changed J

It gives me a very bad feeling and I have started doubting myself; am I jjust simply jealous or as generally friends tell I like to go against the mass feeling (They say It gives me a highJ ). I tried to analyze and put people/teams in broad buckets who are against the nation..
M followers
1. Rahul Baba & Madam followers- They don’t have a choice, if You are opposing me I have to oppose you. Led by the super intelligent Mr spokesperson and a certain Mr X who sees RSS behind everything were the ones who helped polarize the situation. I am super impressed by their logic “ I am bad but you are too and to add you are worst so you cannot blame me”, Reminds me of the song –pahla patthar who mare jissne paap na kiya ho , jo paapi na ho”. These I think were the main culprits who created the atmosphere where everyone disagreeing with Anna was painted with the same brush.

2. Alternate Civil society- The civil society cocooned and patronized by the baba and madam. I sometimes wonder with so many civil society representatives who represents me L. This class realized and woke up to reality that Anna has taken the sail out of their winds and started representing the English speaking/secular liberal class which till now was the sole birth right of them. So mid way that they suddenly came out with their version of magic pill to cure the country of corruptions. This calls basically comprises of two sects- the govt supported civil society which helps them formulate “people “ friendly policy and the pro naxal activists on hire who supported violent and blood revolutions and all non national activities but find Anna and their demands undemocratic and unconstitutional.

3. Oppose because that’s what I want to know- This is the most informed opponents who oppose because it’s something which is in their blood. Reasons for opposing could be anything:

a. Singing Vande matram whics is not as per a particular religion
b. Wearing of gnadhi cap
c. You propose I oppose- led by a flip flop female chief minister and a erstwhile scam tainted cm from Bihar
I was also by some put under this category but believe you me I am not

4. And the left over people like us who oppose it because am not convinced how another bill or structure will be able to end corruption. This is another layer in any way a super fat bureaucracy. What is there in this which ensures that this is non corruptible. Don’t we have enough supervisory bodies the cvc/cbi of this world existing . I do agree with the basis and fundamental principle of freeing our investigative agencies from politicians and bureaucrats . But what is being proposed is that you replace the current policemen with a new one . Isn’t in a form adding another parallel policemen and praying and believing that thou will be the pillar of honesty…I am in principle agreement with what is being asked but am not ok with:
a. How it is being asked?
b. All that is being asked?I still believe in democratic ways of achieving what we have set out to achieve, what it needs is showing the same passion and commitment when it the time to vote. One vote has a lot of power and impact. Its high time we realize that power and work for it. Corruption will not end by a law or a body it will end only when “we” want it to end and we stopped being part of it ………………………

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Who saal doosra tha, Ye saal doosra hai!!!- Part I

The title of this post has been blatantly copied( inspired) from a song of Ataulla Khan. For those of you who are not aware about him he is a Pakistan based singer who got famous with accha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka (was a reshamiya of his times).

I have started writing this post with the intention of it being a reflective and stock taking post – kya kya hua, kya bura hua aur kya bahut bura huaJ . These events which have made the year that has gone by are in relation to me for eg you will find my companion for last 3 yrs my nokia 6300 breathing its last not 2 G scam.

The event that wil bbe put to post mortem is my marriage not commonwealth games! The housing problem that will be discussed is my hous getting flooded thrice in 10 days from the overflowing overhead tank not the aadarsh scamJ

Enough of perspective or agenda setting, now I should come back to the main point or the post …

The year will always be the most significant year in my life till date, it saw me getting married. I know it’s not a record breaking achievement but believe you me it’s definitely a life changing experienceJ, I will excuse you all from the marriage related clichéd jokes as it’s my blog not comedy circus or Pakistani comedy serial.

But whatever said, marriage itself is such a event that changes every known equation in life which a bachelor believes. It’s an experience which you cannot describe aptly in words no matter how hard you try, mere jaise ati saadharan writer ke liye to asambhav ye karna utna heen asan hai jitna sreesnath ko most well behaved player ka khitaab milnaJ. Luckily we knew each other well before marriage. The process called marriage is one that it’s very apltly called an institution after going through it I had no wonder why Barjatya’s can’t get enough of these marriage movies.

The D day, D-5 & D+5 days are filled with so many events and that too at two different places, it’s a mad house. Generally people write or share experiences the pain or anguish they go through while undergoing this rituals but I had a different experience. I enjoyed most of it, it’s like a project with unending number of project managers each with a different view and strategy but still in sync. There is a systematic chaosJ . I was amazed to see my 80+ year old naani behaving with the energy of 18 yr oldJ. I was also pleasantly shocked by other people ability to get happy for me even though some of them were extended family whom you have not even met for ages. Shayad unhe meri shaadi ka bharosa heen nahi tha ya unko laga is gadhe ka ho sakta hai to kisi ka bhi ho sakta haiJ.

To be continued in part II……………

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A sad state of affairs

The festivity is high due to Christmas & New year which is round the corner but am not happy :-)
This year can be dedicated to the Scams and can be labeled scamotsav varsh – adarsh, lavasa, CWG,Karnataka, food scam & the raja of all the telecom. The list seems to be unending and what pains me most is the indifference of the common man towards all of these. He seems to to have isolated himself on a island where these things don’t matter.

Generally the mood of the country can be gauged by the political dialogue which is going on in the country but the political dialogue is centered around what is more detrimental Hindu terror or Let, common guys give us a break it’s like comparing who is a better batsmen Sachin or sreesanth. We all know the answer, a mainstream politician in this country has the audacity to go to a book release function which says that 26/11 was a RSS conspiracy, would this have happened in country of the world leave alone the politician but the party he represents would have been decimated forever. But we don’t care and it pains that we don’t care.

Hindu terror bad or Islamic terror bad- why bother , terror is bad but we don’t care. A politician questions the basic government institutions of the country ruled by his own party, but we don’t care.

The CEO of prasar bharti is suspended by gov, The CVC is in question, the CWG mess, the top defense brass get flats in Adarsh, almost every other tom dick harry whose signature is on the approval for adarsh apartment owns a flat and they are still serving the nation in different capacities but we don’t care.

I read a online article about the onion prices in TOI where some has commented from Qatar that Indian onions are available in Qatar @ 50-60 whereas in India its available for 100- here we do care because we are paying but still reaction can be termed as knee jerk.

I think corruption has gone down so deep in our blood that we accept it as a way of life, chalta hai, aisa heen hota hain- L

This is what makes me sad; I even ask myself what can a common man do , even if he cares, how does he show his sign of dissent, his unhappiness with the scheme of things. Kya kar sakte hain hum…..

And this bebasi makes me more sadL

Monday, December 06, 2010


Last week after completing 4 + years in my previous organization I changed my JOB. So the idea of writing a post about came to me.

It’s so funny that I wrote my first post exactly in similar conditions, I was fresh out of college in a job with free internet and no work, very similar to my current condition. As the saying goes Life takes a full circle…hmmmm aaj samaj me aaya ye gyaan..

In the last 4 years that I have been on blogosphere I have spent 99% time reading ggod post and the remaining 1% on . In terms of readership I have more then 3 to 5 people who have read and commented on my blogs. (If the person with the same name has commented on two different posts he has been counted twice aare do ram kumar , shayam kumr bhi to ho sakten hain…

I was even faced with a lot of hmmm humms when I tried to make my wife read my posts, she said you have a different style of writingJ… this was like Mr A Raja telling everything is as per the process or Mr chavan saying that he is not directly related to his mother in law & sister in law. Dude that take some courage to say this;-)

Dekho main phir bhatak gaya, socha tha will write about my job change and started writing about my failed attempt to blogging…. Philosphically dekha jaaye to done ke results similar heen lagten hain…

When I said the final words to my boss that I am putting in my papers, as expected he was shocked (isko bhi naukri mail gayi) and he blurted in excitement- “kab jaa raha hain.. sorry matlab kyon jaa raha hain..kyon jaa raha hain. You could have done so many things…and then we both looked at each other and smiled. Itna saadgi thi us muskaan me ranjeet aur prem chopra dono Sharma jaate…

Remaining story I will hopefully share in my next post as finally have got a mail and have some work to doL

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Yesterday I was speaking to a old friend after a long gap , he was just reminding me of my unkept promises and my earlier resolutions- main kabhi aisa nahin karoonga, main kabhi waisa nahi banoonga, koi aisa kaisa ho sakta hai, ye to koi paagal hee kar sakta hain and etc etc....

And the irony was, he as explaining how I am doing all which I always stood against in short he was making me eat crows woh bhi bade wale:-) ,and I was loving it ....He then said in a sermon that he always knew it , ye hamesha se hota hai , uske saath bhi hua or mere saath ab ho raha hai...

Before you develop any wrong notions that I am a hypocrite self centered piece of shit aisa hain nahi, main abhi bhi terrorism ke khilaf huin, rakhi sawant abhi bhi mere hate list me hain aur global warming mujhe abhi bhi samajh nahi aati

The said change is change which generally happen in every ones life :-) , jab aap sensitivity seekhte hain , jab mobile ki ghanti bajne par aur display dekhte heen aapke chehre par ek hansin aa jaati hain..he he I know I am too old for all this but aajkal to gaana bhi khub baj raha hai ki Dil to bachhha hai jeee..

All this which happened with me in the last 6 months seems so distant , aise lagta hai ki ye sab kitni poorani baat hai almost like ages ago and thats the beauty how much you travel and how quickly you travel if you have the correct co passenger... When I try to look back and trace my recent journey its a wonderful experience almost like a typical movie , muje kabhi nahi lagta tha ki aisa ho sakta hai spcly mere saath to hargiz nahin . believe you me I would have put money on pigs flying and Rakhi sawant observig maun vrat rather then me getting into a realtionship :-)

Abhi tak ki kahani to sahi hai aage bhi achha heen hoga aisa bharosa hain mera....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Yesterday I read Sanjeev Nanda's prison sentence was reduced to 2 yrs, one complete page was dedicated to Mr Nanda and his tryst with justice . Every one form his family had hailed the decision saying finally justice has been delivered.His sister was thrilled saying this is the best rakhi gift she could have though of. I also share the feelings of his family and fully understand the pain .

But what was amiss was no coverage of the victims, six people who were mowed down by a innocent youth in his speeding BMW. Is this the cost of six lives, six sisters who will never have there brothers to tie rakhi to? Six wives who will never be able to live the dreams they would have thought of... six moms who will never see there sons again. some children who will only see there fathers as a hanging photograph with garland around...But no coverage , no opinion from them .

I have nothing against Mr Nanda, but my heart and my mind aches for the six families whose life changed and will never be the sane again .

Sanjeev Nanda is a Wharton and INSEAD grad, whose family owns several hotels like clarion and Sun &Sand other then a "arms trading" company . He and his father were also arrested in Barak missile scandal in March 2008. The victims where three policemen and three common men. Mr Nanda even said in the court that he felt so guilty that he has even paid compensation to the families of all six

Am just not able to digest, is this the way justice is done. 6 people died in January 1999 , the judgment comes in 2009, giving two yrs imprisonment to Mr Nanda....kuch sahi nahi lagta ye padh kar...

Doosri news aaj padhi, "SC saves "baby" of rape victim. A mentally handicapped girl was raped by security guards in Chandigarh Nari niketan . A NGO filed for the abortion as the girl will not be able to take care of the child , so the HC ruled in favour of abortion but some lawyers filed a petition in SC challenging the HC verdict. Yesterday the SC has ruled in favour of the lawyers, the SC has asked the stae government to provide all security and medical aid to the girl. I again disagree , was the girl not in state security and medical aid when all this happened to her... the doctors appointed by the SC declared that the girl has a mind of 7-9 yr old, is this ok enough. what will happen to the Childs future, why are we playing with a life. will the girls innocent mind and body cope with this trauma and stress.....

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mumbai-Kya Bhoolon Kya Yaad Rakhoon

(I started writing this on April 14th , aaj drafts me dikha socha post kar doon, wanted it to be complete but with my writing abilities this will happen only when pigs will fly, corruption will end and I will have a waist size of 28 again:-)

I landed in Mumbai on June 5th , 2006 i.e. on 6th April I have completed 34 months of stay here in the city of unending dreams. There is a saying well begun is half done but my case was different , I was fleeced by the cab driver who took me to the hotel. He took 5 times the fare and dropped me midway. So it was not the perfect beginning .....

I came to this city all filled with enthu and hopes, I was here to join my first job that too in one of the largest corporate so the air was all filled with excitement . Now as I prepare to move out of this city I try to look back at the time spent here, everything which I will be carrying with me forever and forever......

Being a numbers guy if am to put a number for my stay here i.e give a score to it out of 10 I will give it a 6.5. The score is not for the place but it reflects my stay/experiences with the city which are more correct reflection of my behaviour and mannerism . what will you say to a guy who has gone to Juhu chowpatty once in three years , 5 times to curch gate , seen gateway of India once , had not gone to borivali till date .Three years and one visit to siddhi vinayak and one visit to shirdi (even these two were courtesy friends who pushed me) . So I lived more in a self developed cocoon...

Mumbai as a city is amazing , you don't need to be a suketu mehta to experience this , my guess is that its the only cosmopolitan in India . So many cultures & different ideologies ,sky scrapers to the slums, dabbawala to the share brokers, autowallah to the Ferrari walas, the non existing mithi river to the vast ocean, The uttar bhartiya doodh wala to the dakshin bhartiya hotelier . So many extreme ends existing and working in perfect harmony .

The city has been a great teacher for me , has taught me duniyadaari or at least tried teaching me:-) .

As a normal person with three year stint in Mumbai Should have been nostalgic but as of now am not feeling it, I might as the days near by . I am myself surprised with this numbness . When I took the decision of moving out it took me very little time in making up my mind , people who know me well will find it very hard to believe .. The only pain area are the people I have been associated here , the professional and the personal friendships which were formed and matured during the three years . I am saying this when I have been always labeled as a non peoples person or a un social types ....

I am yet to tell everybody have just shared this with very few people not that it matters to them if I stay here or go to Timbuktu. But as the wise souls say change is the most constant thing - have never understood this statement in spirit, now is the time I guess.

I started writing this on 14th and today is 16th , have already got my marching orders, will be moving sometime next week . When I first thought of writing this piece i thought of writng about my experiences with this tinsel town but the way it has progressed till now is like RGV's sholay i.e. completely without a plot. This is more or less how I feel also confused , am nor sure about the sanity of my decision , professionally its not a wise move I guess. I am already thinking of writing part II of this post after shifting ..

Thinks which I will definitely not like to remember is the maddening crowd on roads irrespective of the day and time . I have also witnessed the two of the most gruesome terror acts- serial train blasts and the recent 26/11 attack , again not very fond memories of these two acts. Paucity of space , you always feel squeezed in home , in office on road and sabse zyada on a local train .

The city as I mentioned earlier is a great teacher, I think the best I have got till date . The people here are amazing , chalte heen rahte hain yaar kabhi rukte heen nahin . Though here for 3 yrs but the lazy ass I am , was not able to explore , mere liye mumbai thee, Bandra, andheri, sion, sad very sad .Another first for me in Mumbai was the 2008 New year party in sports bar , full courtsey to my college juniors , I danced first time in my life that too from 11 to 4 am in the morning:-). Somras aapse kya kya kuch karati hai.....

Mumbai will always be a pert of this uttar bhartiya bhaiya called alok for ever and ever......